Vision Statement

To be a leading electrical and electronics business company committed to sustainably delivering the best possible quality for our customers.
We are committed to providing the best quality of service for our customers, and we will do this by using sustainable practices. We will always work with the highest level of integrity, honesty and fairness, in order to provide a great business environment for all employees.

Beginning as an electrical and electronics Brand

Vivek Earthing started in the year 2010 with a mission to provide electrical and electronic products and services to the masses. The company has grown exponentially over the years with a majority of its revenues coming from the earthring market in India.
VIvek Earthing is one of the top players in this segment due to its commitment towards quality, innovation, and customer service. The company’s vision of providing products and services that are affordable yet of superior quality has been instrumental in its success.

Best Price

The Vivek Earthing has been able to offer their products at the best price, which is due to the mega manufacturing plant. Mega manufacturing plant: The company has a mega manufacturing plant that allows them to produce their products at a lower cost. This contributes to their best price.

Quality product

Vivek Earthing that has an excellent quality control system will ensure that the product is of high-quality. The company will also have a team of professionals who take care of the overall management and growth of the company. A sustainable business model ensures that the company can grow in future without any external help

Custom work

Vivek Earthing has been providing custom work to its clients for over three years now. They have done everything from designing and installing.

Franchise service
Earthing is the process of making an electrical connection to the earth for safety. Earthing is done by connecting a conductor to the earth and grounding it. There must be an earthing system in place to protect people from electrical hazards. Vivek Earthing Provide Franchise Service, the earthing system provider, offers cable tray lightning arrester products as well as other chemical earthing products. Vivek Earthing Provide Franchise Service has been providing chemical earthing services for over three years now. The company provides a range of services like installation for various types of cables tray and Earthing systems.