If you have an electrical outlet in your home, chances are you also have an earthing system. This system helps to protect you and your family from electrical shocks by providing a path for electricity to the ground in the event of a power outage or other electrical problem.

You can check your earthing system at home with a test lamp and multimeter. First, turn off all power to your home. Next, locate the main electrical panel and find the grounding terminal. This is usually a green screw or a green wire.


Attach the test lamp to the grounding terminal. Turn on the power to your home and check the test lamp. If the lamp is lit, then your earthing system is working properly. If the lamp is not lit, then you may have a problem with your earthing system.

To check for a problem with your earthing system, disconnect the grounding wire from the grounding terminal. Connect the multimeter to the grounding terminal and set it to the Ohms setting. The reading should be less than 1 ohm. If the reading is greater than 1 ohm, then you have a problem with your earthing system and should contact an electrician.