Have you ever felt a sudden jolt of electricity when you touched a metal object? That ’s because you’ve created a circuit with the Earth’s surface. Earthing is the process of creating a conductive path between you and the Earth’s surface.

When you are in contact with the Earth, either through your bare feet or with an earthing device, your body gets rid of any build-up of electricity. This is because the Earth’s surface is a huge conductor of electricity.

Earthing is beneficial for your health as it helps to reduce stress and inflammation. It can also help to improve sleep and increase energy levels.

There are a number of different ways to earthing. The most common is to simply walk barefoot on the Earth’s surface, such as on grass or sand. You can also use an earthing mat or earthing sheets.

If you live in an area where it ’s not possible to go barefoot, or if the weather is too cold, you can still earthing using an earthing device. These devices are typically made of metal and are placed between you and the Earth’s surface.